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To be confident in your cyber defences, every person and technology must be confronted by reality.

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With BlackNoise, I am more confident about the effectiveness of the detection devices set up by my service providers to identify and react to cyber attacks!
Cybersecurity Department
CAC40 industry
Cyber Investigation is a pioneering awareness-raising format. Employees really enjoy solving these dynamic and accessible investigations.
Crédit Agricole Cybersecurity Department - Group Infrastructure Platform
Zalissa Bourdeix
Cyber Investigation's training method is engaging and immersive. The investigations to be solved online are accessible to all!
Carrefour Cybersecurity Department
An excellent serious game! We worked as a team, everyone got involved in the game. It's a solution that can take a special place in the arsenal of awareness-raising exercises.
Casino Information Systems Security Department
Cyber Investigation's enquiries enable our employees to step into the shoes of a hacker. This original format creates a buzz internally and generates strong engagement!
Bouygues Construction Cybersecurity Department

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Faced with the explosion of attacks, simply piling on technologies is not enough. Looking to improve your cyber effectiveness?


75% more reactions

Mobilise your employees to defend your organisation

Speed of reaction x5

Test your detection and reaction skills against reality

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User or expert: to each their own tool to win the cyber battle

Effective cyber reactions for all your employees #LearningByDoingPlatform

  • 96% satisfaction
  • 75% memorisation
  • 8 major risks measured

A more effective SecOps to detect attacks and react quickly #Breach&AttackSimulation #BAS

  • 70% greater detection capacity
  • 65% saving on your Red Team budgets
  • 0 agent installed on your systems

To prepare effectively for an attack, the training conditions must be close to the real thing. Our methods, derived from Cyber Chaos, prepare managers, Cyber experts and users.

Olivier Caleff
CISO - Director of Cyber-Resilience & Crisis
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