Why Erium?

Helping our clients requires mastery of the tactics and techniques of Cyber combat.

Going beyond awareness-raising, penetration tests, crisis exercises? Our experts have moved up to the next level and respond:

Cyber acculturation

Breach & Attack Simulation

Cyber chaos-type training

In figures

We are fighting for more than 120 clients with solutions deployed in over 30 countries.

Regularly awarded for its innovation (FIC, Hacktiv' Summit, Cas d'Or Cyber), Erium is growing rapidly. Its cyber surveillance is a benchmark for more than 1,000 CISOs and for CESIN (French Information Security and Digital Experts Club).

Erium operates in Europe and is now targeting North America and Asia.


Our experts

Emilien Marimpouy

Director of Cyber Acculturation

Olivier Caleff

Director of Cyber Resilience & Crisis - CISO

Pierre Texier


Arnaud Le Men

Co-founder & CEO

Florent Skrabacz

Co-founder & Director


Administrative and Financial Manager

Our commitments

Erium has developed on values of excellence, surpassing ourselves, and strong commitments

Under 10 Days

Quickly implemented solutions: we activate our solutions in under 10 days on average.

100% OPEX

All our offers are available in the form of subscriptions from 3 months to 3 years.

30 Cyber coaches

For each client subscribed to our solutions, we commit to mobilise an expert if necessary to accelerate the progress of your projects.

0 hidden cost

Simple and readable business model.

To join us

Attackers can spend months building an operation, looking for and exploiting a vulnerability to progress stealthily and deeply… Join us to study their modus operandi, their intrusion tools and their attack strategies to better counteract them!

Bring your skills (SecOps, DevOps, CoolOps, Incident Handling, Resiliency, Crisis Management, etc.) and join the cyber battle!

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