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Thanks to its solutions and expertise, Erium enables the validation and enhancement of the efficiency of every line of defense: employees, cyber defenses, and organizational resilience.éfenses cyber et résilience des organisations.

Annual Report BlackNoise

BlackNoise publishes its annual report on the effectiveness of operational security based on the analysis of data collected during attack simulations and security validation tests conducted in 2023.

Attack, measure, validate

With BlackNoise

Validate the effectiveness of your cyber defenses with BlackNoise, the European leader in multi-environment Breach and Attack Simulation (cloud, networks, endpoints).

Measure your detection times and response capabilities to attacks. Continuously manage your cyber scoring and share an objective view of the field effectiveness of your defense strategy.

Raise awareness, train, assess

With Cyber Investigation

Increase the engagement and cyber skills of all your employees with a comprehensive social awareness training platform: Cyber Investigation.

A single platform to cover all your awareness, training, and real-world skills validation challenges.

Cover all topics and new trends (fraud, artificial intelligence, compliance issues, etc.) and manage the cyber culture of your organization.

Expertise and advice

With ten years of expertise and innovation

Erium brings together the top experts in Crisis Management, IAM & PAM, Cloud Security, and GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance).

Explore our approaches and methodologies to support you in these areas.

BlackNoise Client

Verified detection methods

“With BlackNoise, I am more confident in the effectiveness of the detection devices set up by my providers to identify and respond to cyberattacks.”

CAC 40 Industry

Cyber Investigation Client

Engaged users

“The positive feedback from users and the ongoing evolution of the platform’s content reassure us in our commitment to continue developing this solution within the Group.”

Energy sector Industry

Erium in the cyber ecosystem

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