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How can you RE-mobilize your employees?

4.93 billion users regularly consume social media content.
Faced with this competition, regaining their attention is a struggle.

Discover a unique awareness-raising approach and real results:
75% more cyber reactions (average per user in 3 months).

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The Cyber Investigation platform

Leading multilingual platformfor learning cyber reactions, that's hands-on, attractive, 100% social, but serious too.

The cyber acculturation coach

3x more effective in engaging your users? Give a sustained pace to all your actions (cyber villages, demos, videos, communication, etc)

Moving beyond awareness-raising

80% greater engagement for your employees? Discover the secrets that enabled us to reach these numbers for prestigious groups.

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How to deal with the cyber reality?

To thwart 100% of cyber attacks in time, it must be confirmed that detection systems are working.

Penetration tests, code audits, bug bounty, and SOC are not enough.
More practice and preparation are needed in real-life conditions.

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The BlackNoise attack simulator

0 minutes lost in detecting an attack and stopping it? With BlackNoise, the first BAS (Breach & Attack Simulation) that does not deploy agents on your IS.

Crisis exercise programs

3 programs to discover and implement, to prepare and train your teams for the cyber crisis.

Cyber Chaos Computing simulations

100% IRL: get to know Europe's pioneering team for cyber chaos computing operations!

Cyber News

Receive a monthly watch summary and excerpts from our latest publications written by cyber experts.

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    • To give an active role to everyone (managers, business managers, users)
    • To prepare to tackle the latest cyber attacks.

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    to win the cyber battle.

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    More than 120 clients to our credit

    Cyber Investigation is a pioneering awareness-raising format. Employees really enjoy solving these dynamic and accessible investigations.
    Crédit Agricole - Group Infrastructure Platform
    Solution BlackNoise
    With BlackNoise, I am more confident about the effectiveness of the detection devices set up by my service providers to identify and react to cyber attacks!
    CAC40 industry
    Solution BlackNoise
    Cyber Investigation's training method is engaging and immersive. The investigations to be solved online are accessible to all!
    Carrefour Group
    Solution BlackNoise