Is it difficult to capture the attention of employees and sharpen their cyber reactions? Discover Cyber Investigation, the number one learn by doing platform: fun, social but serious too.

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Cyber Investigation is a pioneering awareness-raising format. Employees really enjoy solving these dynamic and accessible investigations.
Zalissa Bourdeix
Crédit Agricole Cybersecurity Department - Group Infrastructure Platform
Cyber Investigation's enquiries enable our employees to step into the shoes of a hacker. This original format creates a buzz internally and generates strong engagement!
Bouygues Construction Cybersecurity Department
Investigation completed, really great format! 👍 Well done for suggesting this puzzle to us, it was great fun. Any other investigations planned?
An FDJ Group user
Cyber Investigation's training method is engaging and immersive. The investigations to be solved online are accessible to all!
Carrefour Cybersecurity Department
An excellent serious game! We worked as a team, everyone got involved in the game. It's a solution that can take a special place in the arsenal of awareness-raising exercises.
Casino Information Systems Security Department

4X greater retention of good cyber reactions

Reading content or watching videos results in less than 20% memorisation. With Cyber Investigation, your employees become actively involved and practise their cyber reactions online. Their memorisation increases to 75%: track their progress!

Test a scenario

of good cyber reactions

Focus on

The strengths of

100% adaptable to your objectives

Your organisation and your risks are unique, discover the magic sequence that matches your challenges:

  • Choose your cyber risks: ransomware, data leakage, etc.
  • Launch an immersive, realistic Cyber Investigation
  • Manage cyber maturity improvement over the long term

Fun but serious: 96% satisfaction

  • A platform that stimulates collective energy
  • Cyber investigations based on real cyber attacks (ransomware, data leaks, deepfakes, etc.)
  • Learning by doing

75% memorisation

  • Inspired by the learning pyramid model
  • Measurement of reaction persistence (after 1, 6 or 24 months, etc.)
  • 100% customisable speed quizzes to create the link with your organisation’s cyber rules

8 major risks measured

  • KPIs by cyber hygiene priority (social media, passwords, phishing, etc.)
  • Deep learning on behaviours by geography, department, team.
  • Key elements for your CSR, connected to your LMS

A program that adapts to your cyber awareness-raising objectives

How does it work?

Discover the first cyber training platform for all levels.

Your cyber training program

  • By population
  • According to your risks
  • At your own pace

SaaS model

  • 8 languages
  • Authentication by SSO
  • 0 integration effort
  • GDPR compliant
  • Access on-demand

Customized learning

  • Customisable duration from 15min to 90min
  • Spread your best practices
  • 100% customisable communication kits

Personalised learning

  • Duration adjustable from 15 min to 90 min
  • Share your best practices
  • 100% customisable communication kits

100% adapted to your challenges

  • Prevention of manipulation risks
  • Services and tertiary sector: protection of personal, banking and financial data
  • Industry, transport and energy: protection of industrial sites

Confronting hacking

Confront your employees with realistic scenarios and the vulnerabilities usually exploited by hackers.

Cyber News

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