Is the effectiveness of your cyber defences too complex to validate? Switch to real-world attack simulation with BlackNoise: the number one agentless Breach and Attack Simulation solution.

With BlackNoise, I am more confident about the effectiveness of the detection devices set up by my service providers to identify and react to cyber attacks!
CISO of a CAC40 industry

Detection & reaction 75% more effective

BlackNoise simulates attacks in complete security: Set your objectives and targets / Simulate real attacks / Track your KPIs / Improve your defences continuously

What are you really detecting?

75% more effective

Focus on

The strengths of

70% improvement in detection

  • Simulation of simple and complex attacks
  • Engagement on any type of environment (IT, Industrial, Cloud)
  • Immediate outcomes and measures of effectiveness

65% saving on your Red Team budgets

  • Automatable triggering of simulations
  • Real time results on the BlackNoise app
  • Effectiveness KPI’s based on MITRE ATT&CK and D3FEND

0 agents installed on your systems

  • Accelerated deployment with no geographical constraints
  • 0 integration effort, 0 persistence in your IS
  • Unrivalled level of security (integrity control, multiple encryption of feeds, killswitch protocol, etc.)

Train your SOCs, CSIRTs & cyber service providers

How does it work?

BlackNoise: go beyond pentests and red teams

To avoid blind spots, upgrade your responses

  • No geographical constraints
  • In one-off or continuous mode
  • With an application that combines all your KPI’s and results

To measure the real effectiveness of your SecOps

Detect & react faster:

  • Exploitation of the vulnerability
  • Deployment of autonomous exploits
  • Measurement of detection times
  • Reporting & technical reinforcement plan

Enabling you to defuse complex attacks

Identify and neutralise cyber attacks:

  • Preparation and manual exploitation of vulnerabilities
  • Network overflow attempt
  • Collection of additional evidence
  • Development of cyber deception strategies

To train your Cyber and IT teams in real conditions

Strengthen collective acuity:

  • Cooperation between teams and Cyber
  • Strengthening of response processes to advanced attacks
  • Forensics & investigations into the nature of the threat
  • Joint hunting operation

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