29 June 2023
White Papers

Effectiveness of Attack Detection: BlackNoise Barometer 2022

Publié par contact@erium.fr

Effectiveness of Attack Detection: What does the BlackNoise Barometer reveal for this year 2022?

Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) solutions began to emerge and gain traction in Europe and France during the year 2022.

They bring a new dimension to the cybersecurity battle: the measurement of actual detection and response effectiveness. CISOs are no longer satisfied with the promises made by cybersecurity solution providers (xDR, DLP, IP/DS, PXY, etc.) or service providers (SOC, NOC, MSSP, etc.).

They express the need for enhanced control over their SecOps capabilities, considering the evolving nature of cyber attacks and the loss of control associated with cloudification. This need encompasses both human and technological aspects.

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